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New experiences & sensations

A hotel near Avignon full of passion !

Passionate about sport and the culture of Provence, the hotel owners want to create an experience of sharing and exchanging.
At the hotel, the watchful shadow of Frédéric Mistral, Provence’s most famous writer, is always present (indeed, so is the very spirit of Provence). You’ll see the stained glass window based on Mistral’s poem “Vincent et Mireille”, quotes in the local Provençal language, santon figurines, paintings, photos and, of course, the lounge named after Mistral. Outside, the spirit of Mistral and his beloved Provence can be found in the leaves of the olive trees or on the cobbled Place Jeanne de Flandreysy with its authentic village fountain. Every 23rd June, the square invites numerous people to celebrate the traditional festival of the Feux de la Saint-Jean with the folk group Canto Cigalo.


Our cultural commitments :

At our hotel in Avignon

Stained glass by Marcel Bracq

Ask him which piece of work he’s most proud of, and artist Marcel Bracq won’t hesitate to mention the “Vincent et Mireille” stained glass he created for the hotel. At 4 m², this impressive work of art welcomes guests upon entry.

Santons by Emmanuel Fouque

Emmanuel Fouque, famous creator of traditional Provençal santon figurines, has created a unique and well-sized (70 cm) terracotta figurine of Provençal writer Frédéric Mistral, found in the room bearing his name. 

Frescoes by Nicole Orsini

Works by fresco painter Nicole Orsini can be found in every room in the hotel. Unique works of art, engraved or painted on the walls representing landscapes from Haut Vaucluse to Camargue in a vibrant celebration of Provence.

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